Lawrence Zalis handled my case and he did an excellent job. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. Larry explained everything I needed to understand in a very thorough and concise manner. He worked diligently on my behalf and I was more than pleased with the disposition of my case. He's a great guy in every way!

Sally B.

I became a resident of the Cape in 2011 and needed to find a trusted attorney for my personal and professional needs. Larry Zalis was quickly identified to me by several people and I am grateful.

With a particular work issue Larry was able to get me a commission owed with little to no argument from my employer. Larry's knowledge of the Massachusetts labor laws and his professional communications with them brought the solution to a quick resolution in my favor. I have asked for his assistance in my legal needs ever since!

Terry M.

Our family's lived in Barnstable for years and our son attended BHS, He was-is a scholarship student-athlete , who'd earned several awards for athletic AND scholastic awards at regional AND national levels of recognition from varied institutions - media outlets, (Boston Globe-Boston Herald, MIAA, NCAA). A model student-athlete by any & all accounts. He'd gone from Barnstable Public Schools to a full athletic scholarship at a WELL known accredited University.

However, he got himself into ONE alcohol-related incident, that threatened to end it ALL, before it ever happened.

Attorney Zalis got involved and explained situation to the Powers to Be , (DA, BPD, judge, etc, etc), and negotiated a less harsh but PROPER arrangement for a 1st (and last we hope), offender, which also prevented any type of TRIAL from ever taking place.

To make a long story short our son completed the 1st offender- arrangement, (small fines, minor class & community effort), which kept the entire situation "off everyones radar", and went on to graduate College top of his class.

He is currently working at his NEW CAREER, in the field he studied at College.

It all came AN INCH away from never happening, except that Larry stepped into stand up for our son.

Our son narrowly avoided a disaster, from a SINGLE mistake, thanks to Attorney Zalis.

So here's to hoping we NEVER need his services again, lol.

Sincerely JJB & Mrs VB :) :)

James B.