Attorney Zalis Takes Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) Charges Seriously

He fights for the best interests of minors in all of Cape Cod, including Barnstable and Yarmouth, MA

Minor in possession of alcohol (MIP) charges can haunt your child for the rest of their life - unless you find the right attorney. Lawrence A. Zalis, Attorney at Law is familiar with the juvenile justice system and fights for reduced penalties for minors in Barnstable, Yarmouth and all of Cape Cod, MA.

Your child might be facing MIP charges if they were caught transporting, carrying or otherwise being in possession of alcohol. If a legal adult gave them alcohol, that person could be facing charges for doing so.

Paying the fine won't make your child's legal troubles go away. If your child was arrested or spent the night in jail, they now have a criminal record. But don't panic - attorney Zalis will work toward a favorable outcome.

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Attorney Zalis is a certified addiction specialist

Attorney Zalis is a certified addiction specialist

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of age. If your child is struggling with drug addiction, attorney Zalis can do more than just fight their minor in possession of alcohol (MIP) charges. He can get your child the help they need.

Reach out today to learn about his commitment to representing people who are struggling with addiction in Cape Cod, including Barnstable and Yarmouth, MA.